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There are moments when we need community of faith, a word of encouragement especially from someone who is all to familiar with the obstacles and triumphs of life. God directed me to start this podcast in 2019; to help believers find hope in your daily walk in salvation. I want this podcast to be an option available to all to hear encouragement, testimonies, and to know you are Never Alone.

At 'The Apologetic Life Podcast', I widely focus on sharing testimonies, challenges, and joys in life. With that, I shed light on struggles faced by millennials like low self-esteem, addictions, feeling lost, relationships, loneliness, etc. Most importantly, I express my relationship with God and what he has conveyed to me over the years. It is a part of me that I wish to put out there for you to feel heard and help you to connect with yourself in ways unimaginable. Hence, whenever you feel low or wake up with zest, tune into my podcast. Let's share our testimonies with others. This way we can lend a helping hand to ones in need.

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